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Dwarka Lighthouse

Dwarka Lighthouse

Dwarka Lighthouse is situated on the shore of Arabian Sea. Tourists can visit the lighthouse between 4pm to 6pm. You need the permission of the attendant to go inside. The lighthouse is a landmark for sailors and it offers a beautiful view. It is 1.5 km away from the Dwarkadhish temple.

Constructed in the starting of 19th century by Rupen Creek, a flag mast was used to lift a lamp, which served as a lighthouse for the sailors. Then in 1866, a square tower of 18 mtrs was built along with oil wick lamp. The present lighthouse tower is 43 mtrs tall and built between 1960 & 1962. Further in 1964, more advance features were added to the lighthouse.

How to Reach Dwarka Lighthouse

The lighthouse is situated near the main Dwarka town. You can either hire a taxi or walk the distance yourself.

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