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Vettikulangara Devi Temple, Kerala

Vettikulangara Devi Temple is a well-known temple in Kerala. It is situated at Haripad, Alappuzha, Kerala in Cheppad. It is famous as one of the most divine Devi temples as Goddess Durga is worshipped inside the temple sanctum. The deities of Lord Mahadeva, Lord Ganesh, Lord Ayyappan, Nagaraja and Nagayakshi are also revered here.

Vettikulangara Devi Temple is Famous For

Since ages, people have worshipped Lord Mahadeva. The arrival of a Brahmin Scholar known as Thampuran from the Pazhoor Padippura incarnated in this area. Thampuran, who had come from the north, resided at Nedungadappally, Ramapuram. Later, he returned to Thampuran with the idol of Devi. During his journey, the idol happened to fall into the pond in the Kanni Rasi. Despite laborious efforts, Thampuran the idol could not be retrieved.

After several years while the Naluveettil family found the idol of Devi while digging. Having been hit by digging, blood began to ooze from the idol. Realizing the vitality of Devi, people took possession of the idol and began to worship. As the idol was found while digging the pond, the name “Vettikulangara” came into existence. The pond is being protected even today.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Vettikulangara Devi Temple, Kerala

Festivals celebrated every year are

  1. Navaham (Kanni)
  2. Sapthaham (Vrischikam)
  3. Thrikarthika Maholsavam (Vrischikam)
  4. Para Ezhunnallathu (Makaram)
  5. Thiru Utsavam (Kumbham)

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