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Varakkal Devi Temple in Kozhikode, Kerala

Varakkal Devi Temple is considered to be the 108th and the last Devi temple made by Sree Parasurama. Legends state that Saint Parasurama ploughed this area to make the Goddess appear. The main festival in the Varakkal Devi Temple is Vavu Bali when thousands of devotees come together to perform the ancestral obsequies. It is observed that on this particular day, the sea is calm.

When on tour to Kerala Varakkal Devi Temple is a must-visit pilgrimage. Centuries ago the Varakkal Devi Temple was the epicentre for arts and culture in Malabar.

The temple is blessed by Goddess Bhagvathy and has smaller shrines of Ganapati, Dakshinamoorthy and Sree Ayyappan.

Legends state that when Lord Parshuram prayed to Goddess in Treta Yuga, the Goddess appeared and promised to be present at a particular place on the full-moon night. On hearing this, Lord Parshuram built her temple at the spot. As time passed, pilgrims started abandoning this shrine. Later, Zamorin took the responsibility of the shrine, renovated, modified and started the traditions all over again. Till date, the temples are managed by Zamorins.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Varakkal Devi Temple in Kerala

Vaavu Bali is the most important festival celebrated in Varakkal Devi Temple. The ritual is performed on the full moon day in October/ November. The customs and rituals are presented for the departed souls so that they rest in peace. Navratri is another festival celebrated with great zeal in Varakkal Devi Temple.

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