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Triprangode Siva Temple in Malappuram, Kerala

The temple is famous for three types of Sreekovils. The stupendous two-storied main shrine is in the shape of the back of an elephant.

In the Triprangode Siva Temple, there are four more shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva. One is considered the 'moolasthanam' - the original seat of the Lord. It is called 'Karanayil Temple'. The other three shrines represent the three steps taken by the Lord Siva to demolish Yama.

The southward extension encloses the shrine of Goddess Parvati and showcases the concept of 'Ardhanarishwara. The Brahmins recite Vedas, Shiva Sahasranama at the 'Namaskara mandapam' in front of the sreekovil. The idol of Nandi and the idol of Lord Ganesha are also present in the temple premises.

Inscriptions dating back to the 10th century of the Later Chera ruler Goda Ravi Varma were discovered from the Triprangode Siva Temple.

The temple is nestled on the side of 'Vellottu padam', sprawling over 6 acres, with various sub-shrines, trees and ponds. There is a huge banyan, elanji and bael trees in the temple complex.

Triprangode Siva Temple is Famous For

Triprangode Siva Temple is renowned for its beautiful architecture.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Triprangode Siva Temple in Kerala

January – Eight-day festival ending with Thiruvathira of Dhanu
February – Shivaratri
March – Shivaratri
December – Eight-day festival ending with Thiruvathira of Dhanu

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