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Trichambaram Temple in Kannur, Kerala

Trichambaram Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is situated in Kannur, Kerala. The temple is believed to get its name from Thiru Shambala. The main deity worshipped here is Shree Krishna after "Kamsavadham" residing in Raudra act savage posture. This temple is as equivalent to the prestigious Guruvayoor Temple, and is called 'North Guruvayoor'. The sanctum has stunning carvings and paintings dating back to hundreds of years. In the temple, there is a holy place devoted to goddess Durga in the centre of a tank.

Trichambaram Temple is Famous For

Trichambaram Temple is famous for Lord Krishna’s ferocious posture. It is one of the most historic temples in the district. The sculptures on the walls of the sanctum sanctorum are unique.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Trichambaram Temple in Kerala

The annual celebration in Trichambaram Temple is Utsavam. It is a fortnight-long celebration that commences on Kumbham 22 of Malayalam schedule. It falls on March 6 consistently with the Kodiyettam lifting of a religious banner and arrives at an end on Meenam 6 which falls on March 20 with Koodipiriyal. For about 11 days during the festival, Thitambu Nriththam a dance form with the divinities of Krishna and Balarama is held at Pookoth Nada, that is about 1 km from Trichambaram Temple.

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