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Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple, Kerala

Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple is the only temple dedicated to the Brahmin boy Vamana, believed to be one of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, who was sent to Earth by the jealous gods to end Mahabali’s rule.

During Onam, it is believed that King Mahabali comes to visit his land. Onam celebrations begin at the Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple and continue for ten days.

The temple is also famous for its inscriptions dated from the 10th to the 13th century.

The presiding deity of the Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple is Lord Vamanamoorthy. Other deities in the temple are Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikeya, Goddess Yakshi, Goddess Bhagavathy and Brahmarakshas.

The temple complex boasts of picturesque surroundings. The main sanctum is dedicated to the primary deity. The Sanctorum houses the idol of Maha Vishnu. The god is in the form of Lord Vamana about to place his foot on the Asura King Mahabali. Devotees believed that Lord Vamana established the temple. The temple houses record with the earliest mention of the celebration of the Onam festival that dates back to 861 A.D.

The Brahmaraksha shrine is in the outer complex, with a Banyan-tree god and the Sarpa Kavu. Surrounding the inner complex walls is about thousands of lamps called Chuttuvilakku. Two ponds are associated with the temple.

Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple is Famous For

The temple is famous for cultural performances called Naimisharanya, and a temple auditorium in the South-west corner. The hall is used for weddings, meetings, and for conducting the Onam feast at the time of celebration.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple, Kerala

Onam is a primary festival celebrated in this temple, which falls in August or September. The festival is a prime attraction for a large number of devotees. 61 Naduvazhis jointly organized earlier the festival. During the ten-day festival, various cultural performances and feasts are celebrated in the Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple.

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