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Thiruvarkadu Bhagavathy Temple in Kannur, Kerala

Thiruvarkadu Bhagavathy temple is located in Madayi, Pazhayangadi, Kannur. It is also known as Madayi Kavu. It is considered to be the mother of all Bhadrakali temples of North Kerala. The deity in the temple is in Fierce form of Bhadrakali. Bhagavathy is also known as Tiruvarkkad Achchi.

Unlike other Bhagavathi temples, in Madayi Kavu meat is offered as Naivedyam. Marco Polo, the famous Italian traveller, has mentioned about this holy shrine in his memoirs. Historians believe that this temple is about a thousand years old. It is believed that the Goddess was created by Lord Shiva to kill an asura Dharuka and after killing the asura along with the Saptha Mathrukas, the Goddess wished to reside here. Lord Shiva granted her want to and since that day she is considered Shiva’s daughter.

Thiruvarkadu Bhagavathy Temple is Famous For

The idol is made of Kadu Sarkara; hence, the ritual bath is given to metal idol in the temple. The Goddess represents an extremely fierce look with four hands and face resembling the fire. Namboodiri Brahmins only worship the metal idol.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Thiruvarkadu Bhagavathy Temple in Kerala

Initially, there were four annual festivals celebrated in Madayi Kavu. But today, the major festivals celebrated in the temple are Pooram in March-April and kalasam in the month of Medam. Pooram festival lasts for seven days, and the Kalasam festival lasts for a few hours only. It is believed that all annual festivals of North Kerala end with the celebration of Kalasam at Madayi Kavu.

The Kalasa Utsavam/ PerumKaliyattam / Kaliyattam is observed at the festival.

Another vital ritual in Madayi Kavu is fishing in a nearby river which is called “Kavu Pidi”. It is celebrated in the first month of Edavam and the previous day of the Kalasam. People believe that fish caught are the Prasada of the Goddess and buy them at a huge cost.

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