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Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh Temple in Kasaragod, Kerala

Sri Laxmi Venkatesh Temple is one of the most worshipped temples near the beautiful Hosdurg fort in Kanhangad. Kanhangad is about 35kms from Kasargod on the seashore. The Temple was constructed in 1864 AD. The main deity worshipped in Sri Laxmi Venkatesh Temple is dedicated to Laxmi Venkatesh. It contains images of Goddess Mahamaya, Garuda, Lord Ganapathy, Goddess Mahalaxmi, and Lord Hanuman.

Sri Laxmi Venkatesh Temple is the first Temple of the Gowda Saraswathi Brahmins in Kanhangad. The local devotees always wished for a temple and hence requested Guru of Kashi Mutt to offer a shrine. Guru Sri Bhuvanendra Thirtha blessed them with the idol of Laxmi Venkatesh of Innol. The Chowguli families, the four families of Subraya Kamath, Ramachandra Nayak, Narayana Kamath and Sheshagiri Kamath, constructed the Temple. It is said that the people built the entire Temple within the community.

In 1864 AD, the image of Lord Laxmi Venkatesh was installed in the Temple. The idol was placed by Kashi Mutt’s Srimat Bhuvanendra Tirtha Swamiji. To please the deity, Swamiji offered special prayers. Initially, the Temple was built with little offerings in hand. Later, it saw remarkable infrastructure revamps. Soon festivals and other social activities started taking place in the temple premises.

Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh Temple is Famous For

Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh Temple is renowned for the celebration of Karthika Deepotsavam festival.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh Temple in Kerala

In Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh Temple many festivals are celebrated annually. The list includes festivals like Rama Navami, Navarathri, Anantha Chathurdasi and Karthika Deepotsavam. Akshaya Tritiya and Navratri are also observed in the Temple.

Among all the festivals, the Karthika Deepotsavam is celebrated with great pomp. On an auspicious day, the statue of Venkatesh is brought in the public during morning hours on a beautifully adorned palanquin. This palanquin is then escorted to Melankot. In the afternoon, the devotees are served meals. Post ceremonies in the evening, the idol is taken back to the Temple. The Kotachery Shenoy family organizes Karthika Deepotsavam.

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