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Pulimukham Devi Temple in Kollam, Kerala

Located in Thazhava, Kollam Pulimukham Devi Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Bhagavathi. Here Goddess Bhadra Kali is the main deity of the temple. The temple is 5 kilometres from the Karunagappally north and is connected by the National Highway. Along with the Goddess, there are many Upa Devathas viz. Yakshi, Ganesha, Nagaraja, Naga Yakshi and Rakshas in the temple premises.

History mentions that the construction of Pulimukham Devi Temple began according to the astrological beliefs. Different astrologists contributed to the temple's architecture.

Pulimukham Devi Temple is Famous For

The sub-deities or Upadevathas are placed in the temple in such a way that they surround the main shrine. Each sub deity has its significance and importance.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Pulimukham Devi Temple in Kerala

Various festivals are celebrated in Pulimukham Devi Temple on a grand scale. The temple is decorated with lights and flowers. The most important festivals celebrated in the temple are:

Parayeduppu: It’s the festive season in almost all the temples of Onattukara. The celebration commences when the deity of the Pulimukham temple is taken out in procession. One of the most essential rituals religiously followed is the construction of the Jeevatha in the temple itself.

Meena Bharani: This is another major festival celebrated in Puli Mukham in March or April. “Pulimukham Bharani” is celebrated in the month of Meenam which has the star Bharani. Hence it is called Meena Bharani. The highlight of the Meena Bharani festival is Kuthiyottam, Kettukazhcha, Khosha Yatra and Pongala.

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