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Pisharikavu Temple in Kozhikode, Kerala

Pisharikavu Temple in Kollam is one of the must-visit temples in Kerala when you are on tour to God's own country. The centuries-old temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy. There are two Sree Kovils in the temple. One is devoted to Goddess Bhagavathy and the other to Lord Shiva. The temple architecture looks stunning with beautiful wood carvings. Devotees and visitors love the mural paintings too.

It is believed that the Vaisya community constructed the holy shrine. This trading community resided in Kollam and later migrated to Kozhikode. Pisharikavu Temple celebrates its annual festival during April- May. The festival lasts for seven days.

There is a sword in the temple - 'Nandakam Vaal'. It is taken out in a procession during the annual festival. The festival concludes with 'Kaliyattam' ritual.

Pisharikavu Temple is Famous For

The mural arts in the Pisharikavu temple are among the oldest ones in the state. This shrine is also famous for various rituals and offerings like Udayasthama pooja, Nirmalya, Valia Vattala Guruthi, Palpayasom and Raktha Pushpanjali.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Pisharikavu Temple in Kerala

The annual festival of Sri Pisharikavu Temple is observed in the month of “Meenam”. The festival is celebrated for eight days. The 7th day is celebrated as “Valiya Vilaku”, and the 8th day is marked as “Kaliyattam”. It’s on the 8th day the divine Nandakam sword is brought in procession on a caparisoned female elephant. Navarathri is celebrated with great zest too.

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