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Oachira Temple in Kollam, Kerala

The ancient and most revered Oachira Temple is located in Kollam, Kerala. According to the Puranas, it is one of the most sacred places in the country. Hence the temple is known as "Dakshina Kashi". The ancient pilgrimage centre is centred on the ParaBrahma temple sprawling over 36 acres. Devotees believe that no other temple conveys the message of universal brotherhood and spiritual love like the Ochira Temple as there is no defined structural layout and mode of worship. Tourists throng here to soak in this unique vibe. The annual Ochira Kali festival sees immense footfalls as the mock fights in waterlogged paddy fields are held at that time.

Devotees believe that the place name came from the word Omkarachira while others believe that the name originated from the word Oymanchira. There are strong beliefs that the name derived from Uvachanchira as Uvachan means Lord Siva.

Oachira Temple is Famous For

Oachira is a unique pilgrim centre, where Lord Parabrahmam is worshipped. There is no proper structure or an idol for pilgrims.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Oachira Temple in Kerala

Annually Oachira Vrischikam Festival is celebrated during December and January. Ochira Kali is a famous ritual performed June and mock-fighting in muddy water by martial art experts is held at that time.

Twenty-eight days after Onam “Irupathattam Onam” is celebrated. It is a cattle festival. During the festival, huge “Eduppu Kala” is made. They are pulled on giant wheels to the Oachira Temple. It is the grandest festival in “OnattuKara”.

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