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Nileshwar Muthappan Madappura Temple in Kasaragod, Kerala

Nileshwar Muthappan Madappura is located in Kasargod, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Lord Sree Muthappan. Sree Muthappan is the most worshipped deity in Kannur. This deity is believed to be the personification of Thiruvappana and Vellatom that is Vishnu and Shiva. Sri Muthappan is a theyyam performed throughout the year whereas other theyyams are seasonal.

An exciting story about the construction of Sree Muthappan Temple states that an elder member of the Koroth family visited the site where the Muthappan temple is now located. The devotee was a famous scholar and was bestowed with the title Ezhuthachan for his achievement as a teacher. He drank Madhu, an intoxicating drink. Before drinking Madhu, he offered a few drops to God Muthappan. Years later, after the death of the scholar, his family experienced serious troubles and called on an astrologer who revealed that as a result offering Madhu to God, Lord Muthappan started residing there. As God did not get the Madhu, he created disturbances in the area. Locals then built a Muthappan temple there.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Nileshwar Muthappan Madappura Temple in Kerala

Muthappan Anthithira is performed once in all muthappan temples. On 6 January 2008 Muthappan Anthithira was performed in Nileshwar Muthappan Madappura. The theyyam resembled muthappan in the rear and vairajathan in the front. But it symbolised Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Thousands of devotees attended the festival and meals as prasadam was served to around one lakh pilgrims.

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