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Mathiyana Devi Temple in Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand

Mathiyana Devi temple is located in Bhardhar Patti above Mathiyana Khal village. Green mountains surround it. Mathiyana maa is revered as one of the most powerful Goddesses of Uttarakhand. The Goddess is worshipped in 2 forms - one that depicts peace and other is her Kaali Roop. Mathiyana Devi is considered the protector of Bhardar Pati and Rudraprayag.

Mathiyana Devi Temple Mythology

Many mythological stories beckon Mathiyana Devi temple. The first story states that when Lord Shiva was wandering with the dead body of Mata Sati in the sky, Lord Vishnu cut her body into many pieces and one of the body parts fell in Bhardar Pati. The second story states that about 100 years ago, Mathiyana maa married to a Tibetian prince, but her stepmother killed her husband. When her husband was burned, she got Sati and took the form of a goddess who sought revenge against all the murderers.

Mathiyana Devi Temple is Famous For

The trek to Mathiyana Devi is moderate but slanty. Rudraprayag is the starting point of the trek. The entire trek is slanty and uphill. It silently follows upward making it difficult for some climbers.

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