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Malayalapuzha Devi Temple in Pathanamthitta, Kerala

Malayalapuzha Bhagavathy Devi Temple is one of the most ancient shrines in Kerala. Constructed around 3000 years ago the shrine showcases prehistoric stone carvings and elegant wall paintings. Goddess Bhadrakali is the prime deity worshipped in the temple. Devi’s idol is about 5.5 feet tall depicted in a fierce form with eight hands known as Malyalapuzha Amma. Tuesday and Friday are considered auspicious days to visit the temple.

A Shivalinga in the southern corner of the temple is made of Jaggery and is worshipped with red colour flowers. Malayalapuzha raja has a 9.5 feet Gajraja with beautiful tasks. People from various religions visit the temple. The shrine features a unique statue of Goddess Parvati feeding Ganapathy on her lap. An idol of Veera Bhadra can be seen on the entrance to the sanctum. Updevatas in the temple are Brahma Rakshas, Nagaraja and a Swayambhu Shiva Linga.

The Goddess in the temple is also known as Idathattil Bhagwati. Legends state that Namboothiri caste was meditating at Mookambika temple. They had an idol of Bhadrakali. After their prolonged meditation, they received an oracle from Bhadrakali that the god will have her presence. Namboothiris continued their pilgrimage with the Goddesses idol. As they became too old to continue the pilgrimage, Goddess Bhadrakali appeared before them and advised that Malayalappuzha was the ideal place for her to reside. Following which the Namboothiri's reached Malayappuzha and built the temple.

Malayalapuzha Devi Temple is Famous For

Devotees visit the temple with a staunch belief that the Goddess fulfils their desires and bless them with a spouse and prosperity of business, reducing the number of enemies etc.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Malayalapuzha Devi Temple in Kerala

The annual festival in Malayalapuzha Devi Temple is celebrated for 11 days. It commences on the Thiruvathira Nakshatra in February – March. Kathakali is conducted on the 4th and 5th day. Shivaratri is also celebrated with zest. Malayalapuzha Devi Temple is the only temple in the entire state that organizes Satha Kodi Archana.

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