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Makaliyam Sreeramaswamy Temple, Kerala

It is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Rama. It is one of the most famous temples in Kerala situated near Ernakulam - Tripunithura close to the Seaport-Airport road. The temple is said to be constructed by the Chera Dynasty. It is believed that decades ago a major fire damaged almost all gopurams and structures in the temple. Later devotees reconstructed the temple. The temple underwent renovation recently with copper-plated roofs & Dasavathara framed walls in panchaloha.

Here Lord Rama is believed to be in most powerful form after killing Khara - Ravana’s younger brother and his vast army. It is thought that the main deity depicts the consolidated power of Lord Vishnu & Lord Siva.

Lord Vinayaka and Lord Ayyappa are the Upa-Devathas in Makaliyam Sree Ramaswamy Temple.

Makaliyam Sreeramaswamy Temple is Famous For

Makaliyam Sreeramaswamy Temple is the only temple with Lord Sree Rama as main deity facing west side. Here Lord Rama is in standing position with 18 hands holding weapons and instruments. Wednesday is believed to be an auspicious day for darshan since Lord Shiva is also in the deity, it is believed that Mondays and Saturdays are also good. Because of the presence of two devas in the main deity, there are two Chief Priests in the temple. Brahmasree Chennas Narayanan Nambuthiripad of Chittoor Chennas Mana and Puliyannur Prasad Narayanan Nambudiripad of Eroor Puliyannur Manaa are the Thanthries here.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Makaliyam Sreeramaswamy Temple, Kerala

The Upadesaka Samithy organises different programmes during the eight day-long annual festival, Sree Rama Navami, Vinayaka Chathurthi, Mahanavami, Ashtami Rohini, Thrikkarthika, Vijaya Dasami, and on other festival days and various cultural programmes like Bhajan Sandhya, Chakyar Koothu, Sopana Sangeetham, Ottanthullal, Music Concerts, Prabhashanam, Veenakacheri and many more within the holy temple precincts.

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