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Lakhamandal Temple in Chakrata, Uttarakhand

Situated in the Jaunsar-Bawar region of Uttarakhand district, the Lakhamandal Temple is a historical Hindu complex. The prime deity worshipped at this temple is Lord Shiva. According to common belief, this temple is famous among Shakti Cult, the ones who believe that visiting this temple once in the entire life will put an end to all their misfortunes. The meaning behind the name of this temple is divided into two words, "Lakh" and "Mandal" which stands for "Many Temples". With the Yamuna River flowing alongside, the Lakhamandal Temple is the perfect showcase of North Indian style of architecture. Temple's construction dates back to 12-13th Century CE and is believed to be built around numerous sculptures that did not survive through the years.

Lakhamandal Temple is Famous For

The prime attraction for devotees to visit this temple remains the Shiva Lingam that is made out of Graphite. When the surface of this Lingam is wet, it shines and reflects everything in its surroundings. According to legend, the adjoining area of the temple is where Duryodhan conspired to burn the Bhaskar alive. Also, two statues of Danav and Manav stand guard right outside the doors of this temple. It is believed that when someone was dying or had died, a visit to these statues would briefly bring them back to life.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Lakhamandal Temple in Uttarakhand

  • Devotees flock in huge numbers during Mahashivratri as it is believed that all wishes from the people are granted on this day.
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