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Kottayilkovilakam Sreekrishnaswami Temple, Kerala

Kottayil Kovilakam is situated on the confluence of three rivers. There is a small hill on top on which you can visit the Krishna Temple, a Syrian Church, a Mosque and a Jewish Synagogue. This sightseeing place in Kerala depicts the state's cultural harmony. All the above lie in the circumference of 1 km. Near the Krishna temple on one side is Tipu Sultan's cave, and on the other side, there is Arabs cemetery. On the riverside, a group of huge rocks is known as 'ANPARA' which is the main highlight. The kunnathu thali temple was constructed about 400 years ago.

Kottayil Kovilakam Sreekrishnaswami Temple is Famous For

It is a hill temple located about 100 feet high. The archaeological department has confirmed an ancient Vishnu shrine in the now extinct Villarvattom Palace. Laja Homa here pleases the Lord and blesses the couple with a son. At the base of the hillock, there is a mosque, church and synagogue, proclaiming communal amity of the age-old era.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Kottayilkovilakam Sreekrishnaswami Temple, Kerala

No annual festival or Ulsavam is celebrated on a grand scale in this ambalam.

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