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Koodalmanikyam Temple in Thrissur, Kerala

Koodalmanikyam Temple is located in the Mangalassery village of Thrissur, in Kerala. Believed to be built before the 15th Century, the Koodalmanikyam Temple is very famous among pilgrims and devotees.

The primary attraction here remains to be the idol of Lord Bharat, the elder brother of Ram, worshipped here. Visitors believe that worshipping this god cures dangerous diseases of the most faithful devotees. This is also the only ancient place of worship that follows this deity. Surrounded by four water bodies and lush green spaces, the temple has a vast courtyard and is believed to be an architectural wonder in itself.

Koodalmanikyam Temple is Famous For

According to the famous folklore, the idol in this temple started to emulate a different bright light from an unknown source. Some thought it was a Quartz embezzled in the deity, and brought a new one for comparison. Reportedly, the bright light combined the two, and the idol was formed. The Koodalmanikyam Temple attracts flocks of pilgrims because of its charismatic structure too. It’s circular-shaped Sanctum Sanctorum, wooden carvings and murals make up for a sight to behold.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Koodalmanikyam Temple in Kerala

Celebrated in March/April, Koodalmanikyam Utsavam is the biggest annual festival celebrated at this temple. The festival lasts for ten days and involves elephant parades alongside sacred music two times a day.

The Koodalmanikyam temple also holds the Aartu Pooja annually. No flowers except Lotus, Chetni & Tulsi are offered to the deity during this time. These flowers are grown in the premises of the temple itself.

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