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Kanipura Sri Gopalakrishna Temple in Kasaragod, Kerala

Kanipura Sri Gopalakrishna Temple is a pilgrim site categorised as an “A” Grade Temple. It is a belief that the almighty Lord Krishna gifted the Krishnashila Idol of the Lord Bala Gopalakrishna that was worshipped by Mother Yashoda to Kanva Maharshi in Dwapara Yuga. According to historical evidence, the temple was established by Maharshi Kanva and renovated in 10th Century by King Jayasimha of Kadamba Dynasty.

Mythology states that Sri Gopalakrishna Temple got the sanctity of over Treta, Dwapara and Kali Yug. Kanipura Sri Gopalakrishna Temple is believed to have the same virtue as that of Sri Krishna Temple at Guruvayoor and Sri Krishna Temple at Udupi in Karnataka.

Kanipura Sri Gopalakrishna Temple is Famous For

The “Ashwatha Tree” in the Kanipura Sri Gopalakrishna Temple premises is more than thousands of years old.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Kanipura Sri Gopalakrishna Temple in Kerala

The festival at the Kumbla temple that lasts five days annually commences with Dhwaja Arohanam on the Makara Sankramana day. The festival ends with the idol being brought back after being dipped in the pond about 3 kilometres from the temple premises and the holy flag is brought down.

The idol is placed on the Banyan tree platform and is displayed for 1.5 hours. People from various parts of Kerala attend the festival. The idol is carried over the head of a poojari. Who then goes around the temple. The poojari moves as per Chenda Melam and Vadyam music.

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