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Jatayu Theertham

Jatayu Theertham is among one of the important shrines in Rameshwaram as this is the only temple here dedicated to Jatayu, considered to be the King of birds, who was an Eagle and loyal devotee of Lord Rama.

According to the Hindu beliefs, when demon Ravana had kidnapped Goddess Sita, Jatayu tried to stop Ravana by fighting the demon. During the fight, Jatayu’s wings were slashed because of which it fell to the down and died. So Lord Rama had buried the Jatayu body at the place where a temple stands now dedicated to Jatayu.

It is also believed that the entire place where it was buried turned into vibhuti, which is the holy ash that is obtained after the yagnas by the saints. It is also believed that Jatayu also helped in getting herbs from mountains to save Lord Rama’s life.

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