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Evoor Sri Krishnaswamy Temple, Kerala

Evoor Sri Krishnaswamy temple is in Onattukara, Alappuzha, Kerala. It is amongst 26 Mahavishnu shrines believed to be built during Dwapara Yuga. The presiding deity in Evoor Major Sri Krishnaswamy Temple is Chatur Bahu Swaroopam with Prayoga Chakradhar. Sub deities are Sri Bhoothanatha, Lord Shiva in the Kiratha Bhavam and Yakshi Amma.

Evoor Krishnaswamy yearly ‘Arattu’ - a ceremonial bath is held in this temple’s tank. This Arattukulam is one of the biggest ponds in the middle of Kerala. The word Evoor is originated from ‘Eytha ooru’, which means the place from where the arrows were showered to make the ‘sharakoodam’. It is also believed that the great Kanva Maharshi lived in the nearby area ‘Kannamangalam’, and his ‘Ashrama’ became a temple.

Evoor Sri Krishnaswamy Temple is Famous For

The temple was destroyed about 125 years ago. Many devotees tried to remove the deity when the “Sreekovil” caught fire, but all efforts were in vain. Finally, an old Brahmana residing next to the temple, after taking a dip in the temple pond, walked through the engulfing flames and brought out the deity unharmed.

The then King of Travancore, Sri Moolam Thirunal, had a dream when he was in Kasi. Lord Krishna disguised as a Brahmana boy, asked the Kind to rebuild the Evoor Temple. Soon, on his arrival, the King rebuilt the present temple with amenities such as security trenches atop the roof all around and underground drainage network to drain the ‘abhisheka water’ from ‘Sreekovil’ to the adjacent tank.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Evoor Sri Krishnaswamy Temple, Kerala

Makaram (January) 10-day is one of the largest festivals in middle Travancore that lasts for ten days. The events of the first five days are sponsored by Travancore Devaswom board and specific groups of devotees. Three ‘Karas’ namely Evoor South, Evoor North and Evoor North-West conduct the events of days 7, 8 and 9. Each ‘Kara’ competes to make their own “ Utsavam” the best. The Utsavam ends on the tenth day. 7-ulsavam is celebrated in the temple’s west region, and 8-ulsavam is observed in the temple’s east area.

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