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Bhayankavu Bhagavathi Temple in Malappuram, Kerala

The sacred Devi shrine of Bhayankavu Bhagavathi Temple is located in Malappuram. Here Goddess Bhagavathi is worshipped with great zest and devotion. There are three main festivals observed in Bhayankavu Bhagavathi Temple.

  • Thulam 1st, which is celebrated in mid - October.
  • The second one - 'Makara Chovva' is commemorated on the Tuesday of Malayalam month.
  • The annual Thalappoli ritual is observed in the Kumbham month.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Bhayankavu Bhagavathi Temple in Kerala

During the ‘Thalappoli’ festival ‘Pavakoothu ritual’ – a shadow play of different characters of Hindu deities is conducted in the shrine throughout the month of ‘Kumbam,’ i.e. from 16 February to 15 March. At this time "Kalamezhuthu" is held in the Temple.

Colourful powders used for the kalam are prepared with natural products only. The pigments are extracted from rice flour, charcoal powder, turmeric powder, powdered green leaves, and a mixture of turmeric and lime. Usually, it takes about two hours to finish a kalam drawing. Decorations like a canopy of palm fronds, garlands of red hibiscus flowers and Thulasi or Ocimum leaves are hung above the kalam. During the festival, women carry lighted lamps in a procession to the Temple for peace and prosperity.

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