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Ammachiveedu Moorthy Temple in Kollam, Kerala

Ammachiveedu Moorthy Temple or Ammachiveedu Muhurthi in Kollam, Kerala is famous globally as there is no idol installed in the temple premises. The temple is believed to destroy evil spirits and protect the Devotees from evil eyes. The temple is believed to be dated around 600 years old. It is thought to be founded by Ammachi Veedu family ("Ammachi Veedu" means "Ammachi home"), aristocrats from Kollam.

The deity was entrusted to the elders of the Ammachi Veedu family as a recognition of the marriage ceremonies carried out at the temple premises, and are revered as "Brahma Rakshas".

Ganesha, Raktha Chamundi, Parampara, Ykshi, Marutha, Rakshas, Gandharva, Vethalam, and Yogeshwaran, and Djinn are a few deities outside the temple. Djinn is worshipped by the Muslim community.

Adjoining Ammachiveedu Moorthy Temple is a Sarpakavu,that houses images of Parappooramma Bhagavathi, Naga Kanyaka, Nagaraja, and Nagayakshi.

Ammachiveedu Moorthy Temple is Famous For

Ammachiveedu Muhurthi temple is famous as there is no main deity in the temple. The temple is dedicated to the guru of the Dharmaśāstra, of the Sasthamkotta temple. The temple has no caste bar and is used by worshippers of various castes and creeds.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Ammachiveedu Moorthy Temple in Kerala

Several ceremonies and pujas are conducted at the Ammachiveedu Muhurthi temple. The Sarpa Bali ceremony and Noorum Palum are held by the priest from the Pambummekkattu Mana, in Mala, Thrissur.

The main festival celebrated in the Ammachiveedu Muhurthi Temple no specific date. It is usually observed, and it falls during Dhanu, from mid-December to early January, and is held after the Mandala Puja at the Sabarimala Dharma Shastra temple. On the 10th day, the Karanavar, the eldest male in the family, conducts the puja in the Kalam.

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