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Rameshwaram FAQs

Where is Rameshwaram?

Rameshwaram is located in Tamil Nadu state of India and situated on the Pamban island, famously known as Rameshwaram island.

How is the accommodation in Rameshwaram?

There are many guesthouses, hotels and beach resorts in Rameshwaram. If you desire a budget place then tree houses are also available on the Pondicherry Beach.

How is the weather in Rameshwaram?

During winters – The winters are a pleasant time here as the minimum temperature goes to 17 degrees C. Winters start from month of November and is the best time for water activities and shopping.

During summers – Summers in Rameshwaram are very hot and temperatures remains between 32 degrees C to 43 degrees C. The summers are from March to June.

During Monsoon – Monsoon arrives at the start of July and stay till September.

When is the best time to visit Rameshwaram?

Best time to visit Rameshwaram is during Winters between the months of October and March as it is the most pleasant time. In monsoon, Rameshwaram receives average rainfall making it a good time to visit.

Is it safe to go Rameshwaram?

Yes it is safe to go Rameshwaram. The only problem can be the crowd as a lot of devotees come there. You can get stamped on or pushed.

Is it safe for a woman to go there?

Yes it is safe but since this is a religious place women are expected to be in covered clothes like a suit or saree.

What is the budget?

The budget would completely depend on you. As the budget would vary from the hotel you stay in, taxi you book and food you eat.

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