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Activities to do in Rameshwaram

Activities to do in Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram is blessed with lots of water bodies nearby. They have used this resource smartly. Many water sports and dry games are available for tourists. So if you want you can just lie on the beach or try these exciting sports and make amazing memories. Located in Sangumall, Holy Island Water Sports offers various activites in Rameshwaram.

The opening time for Holy Island Water sports is 10 AM and it is open till 7 PM. It is 1.7 km from Rameshwaram Temple.

Adventure Activities in Rameshwaram

Jet Ski– Ride over the sea water at high speed with personal watercraft. Jet skiing is quite a popular water sport as it offers excitement to experience natural waves and sea habitats.

Kayaking– Experience a solo ride on Kayak in shallow sea under safe hand. With double bladed paddle, Kayak can be uses to propel over the sea. Kayaking can be done with single, double as well as triple sitting.

Standup Board– Ride a floating board with single blade paddle. The adventure of floating and walking over the sea makes everyone excited about it. Easy to learn and a different kind of water sport to experience.

Windsurfing– A popular water sport, windsurfing offers adventure of surfing and sailing at the same time. A sport of balance, windsurfing brings excitement at par when flowing by the wind breaking sea waves.

Banana Boat Rides– Just sit on a banana shape big boat and enjoy the ride down to the coast. The banana boat will be lead by a motor boat at front. Its a group water sports and at one time at most six persons can be on board.

Coral Watching Ride– One of most beautiful views can be seen under sea and it can be done with Coral watching ride. Coral reef can be seen within some meters deep from the beach water.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are available at the beach making you explore the under water adventure and witness its untouched beauty.

Land Games – There are amazing choices of dry sports especially for kids as it can be dangerous for them to enter water. Land games in Rameshwaram includes Water ball, Mini wheel, Dragon Ship and Trampoline.

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