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Sakhigopal Temple, Puri

Sakhigopal Temple, Puri

Sakhigopal temple is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, situated in the namesake village just 19 kms from Puri. The village is of historical importance and is known for its coconut industry. The shrine of Sakhigopal is one of the most revered shrines of Lord Krishna in the country. It is believed that unless one visited Sakhigopal Temple the pilgrimage to Puri is incomplete.

The legend associated with Sakhigopal shrine is that two Brahmins from Vidyanagar in southern India once visited Vrindavan. The elder Brahmin fell ill and was attended by the younger one sincerely. The elderly promised to marry his beautiful daughter to him. Upon reaching back to his native place the older Brahmin swayed away from his words.

The younger Brahmin went to Vrindavan again and worshipped Lord Krishna to seek help. Lord Krishna agreed to travel with him on one condition that the Brahmin would lead and not look back. Upon reaching near banks of Godavari, the Brahmin looked back out of curiosity and the state of Lord Krishna stood then and there. The king out of devotion constructed a temple at that lace which can be to known as Sakhigopal.

How to reach Sakhigopal Temple

Sakhigopal Temple is situated 19 kms from city of Puri and 41 kms from the capital city of Bhubaneswar. One may also hire a taxi either from Puri or from Bhubaneswar to reach the temple. Famous attractions in and around the temple are Raghurajpur, Siruli, and Pipili. One could travel to this place all year round.

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