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Manikapatna (Bhabakundalesvara Temple)

Manikapatna (Bhabakundalesvara Temple)

Located in the Puri district, Manikapatna is small village located near Chilka Lake, 44 km from the revered city of Puri. Apart from being a site of archeological importance, this village is famous for Bhabakundalesvara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Celebrations and religious festivals like Shivaraatri, Kartika Purnima, Ekadasi, etc are observed in this shrine with great vigor and devotion.

The village of Manikapatna has significance in the folklores of Lord Jagannath. According to the folklore of Kanchi Avijana, the King of Puri, Purusottama Deva, once visited the city of Kanchi under his majesty’s request. The King of Kanchi was very pleased to meet him and offered her daughter’s hand for marriage. Purusottama Deva readily accepted.

After seeing King Purusottama sweeping during the Rath Yatra festival, the King of Kanchi felt insulted and raged war. Lord Jagannath and Lord Balabhadra, disguised as soldiers, proceeded towards Kanchi to help their devotee in war. On the way, they met a milkmaid Manika who offered them some yogurt. As a payment they gave her a ruby ring and ask her to give it to the King of Puri and she will be reimbursed.

When the King was returning with his army, he met the milkmaid who showed him the ring. The king understood the divine play and gifted her entire village; hence the name of the village is Manikapatna.

How to reach Manikapatna (Bhabakundalesvara Temple)

Manikapatana is located on the left side of the National Highway 203 leading from Puri to Satapada branching at a distance of 3.3 kilometers from Dahikhia Square. It is located around 44 kilometers from Puri. Famous tourist attractions in and around Manikapatna are Satapada, Alarnath and Baliharachandi. One can easily reach Manikapatna by commuting via bus or taxi.

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