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Barala (Balunkeshwar Temple)

Barala (Balunkeshwar Temple)

Barala is a small village located 22 kms from Puri. Lord Shiva is revered here as Lord Balunkeswar and the Balunkeswar temple is one of the most important Shiva shrine in Puri. Although, not a major tourist destination, it houses a famous Shiva Temple and thus attracts devotees in thousands every year. The sanctum sanctorum of this temple houses a Shiva Linga, although also reveres 25 small shrines enshrining of images of Durga, Khshetrapala, Vairabhi Annapurna, Ardhanariswara, Damodara, Gopal, Narasimha, Ambika.

The Balunkeswar temple consists of the vimana (main temple), Jagamohana (entrance hall) and a Natamandapa (dancing hall). The temple is fortified with high wall with Sinhadwara (Lion’s Gate) facing towards the east. On the eve of Mahashivaratri, thousands of devotees from far and near arrive at the temple to offer their prayer to Lord Balunkeswar to get His blessings. Best time to visit Alarnath is during Mahashivratri, Sakranti and Ekadasi.

How to Reach Barala (Balunkeshwar Temple)

Barala is located 22 kms from Puri on the Puri-Bhubaneswar National Highway 203 branching at Pattanayikia Chowk, ahead of Chandanpur. One can easily reach Barala by commuting via bus or taxi. Famous tourist attractions in and around Barala are Sakhigopal, Raghurajpur and Siruli.

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