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Ujjain Weather

Ujjain experiences a warm sub-tropical climate, typical of the interior Indian subcontinent. Summer starts in late March with temperatures rising to 45°C at its peak in May. In addition, hot winds (called loo) may blow in the afternoons, adding to the discomfort. The monsoon arrives in the middle of June and continues till early October. About 870mm (35 inches) of precipitation is received during those months.

The rest of October generally is very warm and with high humidity. Winter starts in the middle of November and is pleasant and cool with daytime temperatures typically 20°C, though temperatures can drop significantly in the night.

Ujjain Today’s Weather Update

Summers in Ujjain: The summer season in Ujjain generally lasts from April to June. During this period, the summer spell is experienced in the form of harsh climate. The heat is scorching and the temperature may reach unbearable heights. The maximum temperature during these months may soar to 48oC. occasionally, hot winds called ‘Loo’ may blow during the afternoon, which aggravates the heat. The summer temperature reaches a minimum of about 24oC during the night.

Winter in Ujjain: Winters in Ujjain lasts for four months i.e. November, December, January and February. Though cool, winters are very temperate and pleasant. The maximum daytime temperature generally remains around 24oC and the heat is mild and solacing. Nights are comparatively chillier and the mercury level may drop to a minimum of 9oC. Generally, light woolens are preferable during the day, but heavy woolens become essential during night.

Monsoon in Ujjain: The monsoon season is initiated during the month of June and lasts till the end of September. During this time, the place experiences moderate to heavy rainfall and the average rainfall is recorded at 101 cm. The humidity level slowly mounts and often heavy outpourings are followed by periods of high humidity and bright sunshine. Typical of any other place in Madhya Pradesh, the best time to visit Ujjain is between the months of october and March.

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