Pilgrimage Tour
Pilgrimage Tour

Prayagraj Excursions

Bhitta : Located at a distance of 22kms to the Southwest of Allahabad, Bhitta is a ancient historical site excavated in 1910. Also known as Shringverpur, this historical site is believed to be the site where lord Rama stayed before being rowed to the other bank by Nishadraj. The Tons River Aqueduct and the Upardaha Lake about 45kms from here is a popular spot among the locals as well as tourists.

Kara : Basically a Mughal ruled town the old city of Kara has many temples including of Sheetla mata temple and Kaleshwar Mahadev temple of Lord Shiva. Located on the Banks of Ganges at a distance of 69kms from Allahabad, it has been an important capital for centuries under the reign of the Delhi Sultanate.

Kausambi : The town of kausambhi is located at a distance of 55kms from Allahabad and has a rich mythological and historical past. Kaushambi is mentioned in the holy scriptures of Hindu literature as the place where the last of Pandavas lived and made it their capital. Kaushambi has an iron pillar made by Ashoka and also has a rich Buddhist history as it once the capital of king Udaya who was a contemporary of Lord Buddha.

Nandan Kanan Water resort : Created in 2004 this water resort is frequented by the people of Allahabad and the eastern Uttar Pradesh.  The park provides a healthy environment and much needed relief from the pollution and chaos of the city.

Gadhwa Fort : located at a distance of 45kms from the Allahabad district the Gadhwa fort is a historical site. According to the inscriptions on the walls of the fort this place was a hotspot of trade during the Gupta period. The fort has been restored by the Archeological survey of India and consists of a group of temple ruin and is surrounded by rectangular walled closures and trenches filled with water.

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