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Kumbha Mela 2021 in Haridwar

The Ardh Kumbh Mela Haridwar 2016 will be celebrated from 14 January 2016- 22 April 2016 and will be the centre for attraction among pilgrims from all over the world and tourists. The Kumbha Mela of Haridwar is also seen as original among all the Kumbh Mela as it occurs as per the astrological sign Aquarius, which means Kumbh and one can also find many references to a 12 year cycle for it.

What is Ardh Kumbh Mela?

The term Ardh means half and Kumbha Mela is held in one of these holy places after a period of 12 years. Hence, Ardh Kumbha Mela is held in the gap of six years (which is half of 12 years) and is organised only in two places: Haridwar and Allahabad. In January 2016, Haridwar is the holy place where Ardh Kumbh Mela will be held.

For instance, if Kumbha Mela was held in 1998 at Haridwar then next one held in 2010 at Haridwar again after completing the span of 12 years. But, in between the period of 12 years, Ardh Kumbha Mela is celebrated from the gap of 6 years from 1998, i.e. in 2006. Hence, the next Ardh Kumbha Mela in Haridwar will occur in 2016 (distance of 6 years from the year of 2010). The Maha Kumbh Mela occurs after 144 years after completing 12 Kumbh Melas.

Important Dates of Haridwar Ardh Kumbh 2021

Bathing Dates of Haridwar Kumbh in January Month

14 JAN, THURSDAY 2021Makar Sankranti (Important Snan/Bathing)
28 JAN, THURSDAY 2021Paush Purnima (Important Snan/Bathing)

Bathing Dates of Haridwar Kumbh in February Month

11 FEB, THURSDAY 2021Mauni Amavasya (Very Important Bathing)
16 FEB, TUESDAY, 2021Basant Panchami (Important Snan/Bathing)
27 FEB, SATURDAY, 2021Magh Purnima (Important Snan/Bathing)

Bathing Dates of Haridwar Kumbh in March Month

11 MAR, THURSDAY, 2021Mahashiv Ratri (Shahi/Royal Bathing)
13 MAR, SATURDAY 2021Phalguni Amavasya Important Snan/Bathing)
28 MAR, SUNDAY, 2021Falgun Purnima (Important Snan/Bathing)

Bathing Dates of Haridwar Kumbh in April Month

11 APR, SUNDAY 2021Chaitra Amavasya (Important Snan/Bathing)
12 APR, MONDAY, 2021Somvati Amavashya (Shahi/Royal Bathing)
13 APR, TUESDAY, 2021Nav Hindu Sanwatsar (Important Snan/Bathing)
14 APR, WEDNESDAY, 2021Mesh Shakaranti (Shahi/Royal Bathing)
21 APR, WEDNESDAY, 2021Ram Navami (Important Snan/Bathing)
27 APR, TUESDAY, 2021Chetra Puranmashi (Shahi/Royal Bathing)

Bathing Dates of Haridwar Kumbh in May Month

11 MAY, TUESDAY, 2021Vaishakh Amavashya (Important Snan/Bathing)
26 MAY, WEDNESDAY, 2021Vaishakh Purnima (Important Snan/Bathing)
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