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Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Route

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra is a sacred pilgrimage for Hindu devotees. Known to be one of the toughest pilgrimages in the world, Mount Kailash and Kailash Manasarovar, the two main hallowed sites of Kailash Manasarovar Yatra can be reached after difficult backbreaking trek.

There are two routes for the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra organized by Indian Government, Ministry of External Affairs-Lipulekh Pass and Nathu La Pass. The duration of the yatra through Lipulekh Pass route is 24 days.

Lipulekh Pass Route (Uttarakhand)

Lipulekh Pass is located on western Himalayas at an elevation of 5,334 meter or 17,500 ft in Nepal. It is an international mountain path between India, China, and Nepal. The pass connects India (Uttarakhand) and Nepal with major Tibet (China) trading town- Taklakot (Purang). Lipulekh Pass is a popular trading point since ancient times between Nepal and Tibet.

DAY 1 : Delhi – Almora

Before starting the journey pilgrims are briefed by the Under Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, about the Kailash Yatra and medical check-up. After that from New Delhi, you are taken an air-conditioned coach to Almora.

DAY 2 : Almora- Dharchula

From Almora, it takes 11 hours to reach Dharchula. The road to Dharchula is steep and surrounded by mountains.

DAY 3 : Dharchula-Sirkha

From Dharchula yatris will travel by bus to Narayan Swami Ashram which is a 54 km journey. The route to Ashram will pass through Tawaghat and Pangu. Further is the 6 km trek to KMVN camp in Sirkha.

Day 4 : Sirkha to Gala

The total distance between Sirkha and Gala is 14 km. About 2kms the road goes to Samurai (2,316m) and from here the steep stony path will lead yatris to a dark thick forest known as Samuriya-Dhar(3,048 m) or Ringling. Further, take the deep ascent towards Simkola-gad stream and then uphill route to reach KMVN camp in the village Gala.

DAY 5 : Gala -Budhi

The day begins walking downhill 18km trek to Budhi. The trek takes 7 to 12hours approx to complete, although it depends upon the health of yatris. After 7-8kms trek, yatris reach Lakhanpur. From Lakhanpur the route gets narrow and risky alongside River Kali. Cross the narrow stretch to reach Lamari village, which leads toward Budhi.

DAY 6: Budhi -Gunji

The journey from Budhi to Gunji is just amazing and beautiful which includes one of the most enchanting treks of 5 km. The trek trails offer a spectacular view of Chailekh valley and one can spot rare species of flowers. After reaching Gunji yatris get to see the confluence of Kali and Tinker river. Tinker river floats away into Nepal.

DAY 6 and 7 : Gunji

There will be a two-night halt at Gunji. The ITBP medical team will again test your medical fitness.

DAY 8 : Gunji to Navidhang (via Kalapani)

Gunji to Kalapani is a 9 km long motorable road. On the way, Yatris get the sight of the mountain where the great sage Vyasa performed penance for years and is called Sage Vyasa’s cave. The route from Kalapani to Navidhang is an uphill climb. As you move upwards towards the Himalayas, the mystical Kali river will be left behind. From the camp at Navidhang, yatris get to see the splendid view of ‘Om Parvat’ that is known for its snow deposition pattern that looks like Om.

DAY 9 : Nabhidang –Lipulekh

This is the last stop in India for yatris before they cross the Tibetan side. The last stretch is 16,500 feet above and is a difficult narrow pass. A new batch of yatris crosses over the yatris who are returning back to India after completing the Parikrama.

Day 9: Lipulekh to Taklakot

On this day yatris cross the Lipulekh pass (7 km). Chinese authorities take over and journey into Tibet begins. Yatris will have to cover the distance of 3km on foot and further towards Taklakot by bus.

DAY 9 &10 : Taklakot

This is the halting place for yatris. Yatris will be moved into guest houses with basic amenities.

DAY 11: Kailash Mansarovar Parikarma

From here yatris by bus will travel to Darchen from Taklakot. Darchen is the base camp for Mount Kailash Parikrma. En route to Mt. Kailash Yaris will visit the serene Rakshas Tal. From the Rakshas Tal yatris get to see the first sight of Mount Kailash.

Day 12 : Kailash Parikarma

On day 12 yatris will partake the 48 km Kaliash parvat Parikarma. Yatris will move to Deraphuk which is 19 km from Darchen. The first 7km distance will be covered by bus. From ‘Yam Dwar’ trek begins and ponies & pokies will be allotted.

Day 13 : Visit Gaurikund Lake

The journey will start early from Deraphuk and the trail will move up to 18,600 ft pass. This trek is going to belong and not an easy one. Along the way, yatris will cross Dolma Pass and pass over the tranquil green water lake ‘Gaurikund Lake’. Later yatris will move till Zunzhui Pu and stay overnight.

Day 14 : Mansarovar Parikarma

On this day yatris will move to Qugu for the holy Mansarovar Lake Parikarma.

Day 15 : Mansarovar Lake

Yatris savor the beautiful view of Lake Mansarovar and take holy dips in the auspicious water of the lake. They enjoy an overnight stay near the lake.

Day 16 : Taklakot

Yatris return back to Taklakot.

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by Nathu La Pass Route

Nathu La is a famous mountain pass in the East Sikkim district in the majestic Himalayas. It connects the Indian state of Sikkim with China’s Tibet autonomous region. The pass is settled at an altitude of 14,140 ft above mean sea level. Nathu means “listening ears” and La means “pass” in Tibetan. The location of Nathu La Pass on the Indian side is 54 km east of the capital of Sikkim, Gangtok. Indian citizens can travel the pass only after receiving a permit in Gangtok.

Nathu La Pass was reopened in the year 2006. The journey of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra via Nathula Pass is considered easy in comparison to Lipulekh Pass which involves heavy trekking. The route to Nathu La Pass being completely motorable makes the whole journey easy. Yatris need not trek over rugged terrains. This route is more convenient and safe.
One can take a flight or train from New Delhi to reach Gangtok in Sikkim for the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by Nathu La pass route. From Gangtok to Nathula Pass the 54 km road is hilly ascent. Weather conditions being prone to frequent change makes the journey risky.

After reaching Gangtok in Sikkim, yatris move towards Shigatse in Tibet. From Shigatse yatris board the buses or vans on the existing road to continue the journey directly to Kailash Mansarovar. There will be two-night halts in Gangtok before they proceed to Tibetan Plateau beyond Nathula. In the journey, there are going to be two acclimatization centers – 17th Mile road and Sherathang.

From Nathula pass at a certain distance Kangma (China’s town) is located. From there Tibetan authorities take over and yatris continue their yatra by bus towards Lazi. A bus takes yatris to Darchen which is the base camp for Kailash Parikrma. From here Yatris continue their yatra and complete their Mt. Kailash Parikrma. Enroute yatris enjoy the scenic view of Rakshas Tal. Yatris also take holy dip in the beautiful Lake Mansarovar.

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